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Shen Dao Business Feng Shui for London and the East

A professional Feng Shui consultant across London

Professional consultation for business Feng Shui

Do you want your commerical space, retail outlet, production or storage unit to have a positive and prosperous ambience? This includes offices, retail outlets, manufacturing and warehouse units, restaurants, clinics and studios. Contact Amravati Feng Shui. I provide Feng Shui solutions for business spaces for Hammersmith and Fulham, Central London and throughout the London area and South East


Positively influence your business profits

To optimise the decor and layout of your working environment to attract prospective clients and customers, contact Amravati Feng Shui. With my help you can create a space where your staff can create lasting relationships with your customers.

Through Feng Shui, you can ensure that your business efficiency improves at all levels. With an enhanced business reputation and better relationships among employees and customers, you can enhance your business reputation. By combining techniques for design with energy management and goal-orientated planning, Feng Shui is a strong business tool to enable you to increase your efficiency and profitability. 

Transform your business

I cater to a range of clients including the following:

Lawyers and professionals
Recruitment agencies
Designers and artists
IT and mail order companies
Centres for healing
Yoga and martial arts centres
Beauty and dentistry establishments
Psychotherapy clinics
Retail Outlets 

I also cater to manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers in fashion, jewellery, shoes and small scale engineering firms.

Optimise your office space

If you want to optimise your office space for maximum profitability, contact Amravati Feng Shui. I can come over to your venue and examine the colour, layout and structure of each room. I advise you on how to utilise each area. With my help you can not only optimise appearance, design and efficiency but also attract customers to return and recommend your services to others.

I will help you improve the health of your staff which can help you lower the absenteeism and turnover rates. I will assist you by advising changes to support your business goals. I always customise our consultation to specifically fit your time and budget.

Office consultation package

My Feng Shui office consultation package includes the following:

  • I provide advice to help you protect your premises from negative influences from surrounding roads and buildings
  • Identify any negative environmental influences including geopathic stress and electro pollution
  • Cures for structural problems
  • Feng Shui cures to boost prosperity and health

I advise you on the best rooms for each function. I also advise you on how to optimise the layout of the furniture for maximum efficiency and wealth creation.

Cures for Office Problem Areas

"I have found Amravati Feng Shui to be very collaborative and practical in her approach particularly when it comes to fitting everything in. She quickly drew up floor plans and configured everything in a manner that simply seemed to work as if waving a wand of magic. She quickly identified cures for office problem areas for example, geopathic stress and offered potential solutions for excessive mobile phone masts radiation exposure etc. I would highly recommend Amravati's services".

- P. Jones