Feng Shui in the Home

Expert consultation for home Feng Shui

Do you want to optimise the space in your home to create positive energy? Contact Amravati Feng Shui. I provide professional Feng Shui consultation for homes across West London and the surrounding areas.
Shen Dao training

Positively rearrange your home

To create a beautiful, happy and healthy home, contact Amravati Feng Shui. I combine ancient wisdom and modern technology to create a positive space for rest and relaxation. I utilise the natural elements of each room in your home to create the appropriate colours and shapes to help your home come alive.

You can depend on me to make suggestions, to make your life more vibrant, happy, colourful and creative with our Feng Shui arrangements. I utilise elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to determine the colour and shape of each room. With my help, you can achieve your personal goals.
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individual clients

A range of individual clients

I have a wide range of clients including the following:
  • Families or single individuals
  • Artists
  • Media professionals
  • Fashion experts
  • Health professionals
  • Yoginis
I cater to all people who are interested in Chinese philosophy, interior design, energy dynamics and fitness enthusiasts.

Home consultation package

My Feng Shui office consultation package includes the following:
  • I identify which room is best for which purpose
  • I provide advice on how to protect your home from negative                influences
  • I identify geopathic stress and electro pollution
  • I provide suggestions on garden Feng Shui improvement
  • I advise colour changes for each room in your home
  • I provide Feng Shui cures including crystals, plants and                      decorative objects
  • I help you optimise space for knowledge, wealth, health,                    family, reputation, love, friendship and career
  • I provide advice to optimise the layout of your room furniture
I provide structural cures if it falls within your requirement and budget. I can optimise your home appearances and designs to reflect who you really are. I will help you maintain health and vitality for all your family members. With our help, you can stimulate your creativity and mental clarity. Our price starts from £250 for studio flat with one occupant in zones 1 or 2 in London.
Home consultation package

"Amravati Feng Shui-ed our house recently. It is incredibly useful, everything feels right. Visitors and friends remark on its happy and harmonious atmosphere. Amravati works in great detail and with insight and care. We focused on stability, security and creativity as our priorities and already we are benefiting. We feel fortunate to have such expert, knowledgeable attention."

- Julia and Greg
Amravati Feng Shui provides expert consultation for home Feng Shui. To book a consultation across West London, call on
07961 940 914

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