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Shen Dao Feng Shui training for students across London

Do you want to learn Shen Dao Feng Shui? Contact Amravati Feng Shui. I provide professional training for students across London.
Feng Shui in the home

Professional training to become a Feng Shui consultant near Hammersmith

If you want to become a Feng Shui consultant, contact Amravati Feng Shui. I will conduct a professional training session in 2017. The training session will last 11 months and will include an exam. With successful completion of the training and the exam, you will be certified to practice.

I have just completed an 11 month training session for acupuncture practitioners. Depending on future candidates, I may conduct another training course in the future. Introductory weekend courses are also available from time to time. Get in touch with me to register for updates on upcoming events.
Professional trainer


Shen Dao training in the ancient art of 5 element Feng Shui

Based on a shamanic understanding of geomancy and the manipulation of Chi, this course has been designed for all students interested in learning the practice of Feng Shui.

Harrison G Kyng developed the Shen Dao 5 element method over more than 30 years. It uses shamanic techniques to help the trainee consultant to provide constructive transformation to the clients' space. With this training, you can recognise what may be preventing your client from achieving his or her goals. With an exploration of ancient Chinese traditions, you can learn to modify these expressions to fit your clients across London.

Training modules

Each module lasts 2 days and includes the following:
  • Discussion on the meaning of Feng Shui, history, overview of the        course, Dao, shamanic centre, Chi, 4 phases, 55 perceptions
  • 5 Elements in Feng Shui, Form School, the brain and                          subconscious
  • Obnosis, reality, actuality and affinity
  • Chinese compass, Bagua and mapping
  • Gameboards, visiting clients and their game
  • External environment, triangulation and dowsing
  • Cures, crystals, plants, colours and medical problems
  • Structures, businesses and interior design
You also learn about attitude, presentation, consultations and develop an overview. Every module has a practical and a meditation component along with conventional classes. We also teach you how to practise Feng Shui in your own life. The sessions are interactive. There is an exam at the end of the module.
Training modules

The cost is £2500 for course including exam and full certification. Terms are currently available.

Get in touch with me to register your interest. The location of next course and the dates are under discussion. If you want classes organised in an area outside London, call us today for a discussion.
Amravati Feng Shui provides professional Shen Dao Feng Shui training. If you live in or around London, we are based near Hammersmith, book a training session by calling me on 
07961 940 914

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