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Space clearing with Feng Shui

Heal your home of negative energies. At Amravati Feng Shui, I can space clear homes and office spaces across London.
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What is space clearing?

The properties we live and work in are affected by what actually occurs on the premises. Death, illness, arguments, sadness and other emotions all have a particular subtle energy around them which is not pleasant or healthy to be around. Buildings absorb those energies and affect the people living in it.

Space clearing is the term given to the process of removing negative energies and returning the building to the subtle vibration experienced prior to the build-up. In more serious cases, there can be curses, earthbound spirits (ghosts) or elementals disturbing the peace. They need to be removed to help the occupants have happy and healthy lives. Geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution can lead to an unhealthy atmosphere.

Are you looking to remove negative vibrations from your home or workplace? 

I can provide you with various options:
            • I can do an absent clearing. This is advised when you are living          very far away and do not wish to incur the expense of my travel.        Absent clearing is done using spirit guides and is successful              even when there are earthbound spirits. In my work, the                    earthbound spirits are released from their entrapment here and        helped to move on to their afterlife.
  • I can come to your premises and conduct a space clearing                session for you.
  • If you are used to working with energies, you can use a special          handmade Amravati Heaven On Earth Safe Space incense and          burn this on charcoal and smoke out the building. This is not              advised if you suspect there may be a ghost present, as this              requires specialist assistance which I can provide. I can also              make a bespoke spray to cleanse the atmosphere.

Learn space clearing techniques

I can visit your premises and provide you with one-to-one sessions where I can teach you to clear your own place. You can also book a one-on-one lesson with me in Olympia.

All my trainings are experiential. I also conduct professional courses to train people in space clearing for other buildings, spirit release and geopathic stress removal. This is an in-depth training incorporating both theory and practical.
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Incenses and essences are only available by bespoke mail order via phone or email from £25. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.
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